Dean Ernest J. Wilson III, Ph.D., talks with students and parents about his plans for the Annenberg School during breakfast.

Dean Wilson credits his Academy election to USC Annenberg’s achievements

Dean Ernest J. Wilson III said his April 17 election to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences is a testament to the innovation and successes occurring at USC Annenberg.

“It’s flattering to have been asked to join this very prestigious organization,” Dean Wilson said. “What excites me is that it is a reflection of the tremendous achievements of the students, faculty and staff here at USC Annenberg.”

There have been countless accomplishments during Dean Wilson’s almost five-year tenure at USC Annenberg. To name a few:

“To me, the exciting part is the growth and trajectory of the Annenberg School,” Dean Wilson said. “I’m delighted about the recognition for what the School is doing, and I hope it gives me a platform to speak about the ongoing dramatic innovations that we’re all pursuing here at USC Annenberg.”

Ideas for more growth and opportunities for incoming students are constantly being hatched and fine-tuned, but one area that Dean Wilson sees expanding across the School is the creation of new opportunities for shared experiences among students across USC.

“As the communication professions converge, it has become imperative that we provide all students with common experiences in the classroom, labs and programs,” he said. “Students tell us they value the perspectives they gain from interacting with students and faculty outside their degree program.”

USC Annenberg held its first “One School, One Book” program this year where USC Annenberg students and faculty joined professor Jenkins to discuss his book, “Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide,” which examines media convergence, participatory culture and collective intelligence. Dean Wilson called the book essential reading for any future or current communication, journalism or public relations professional.

Future common experiences will occur in places such as classrooms and laboratories designed to include students from across the university so they can work together to solve problems they might see in their future careers.

Dean Wilson said these opportunities are just a few examples of what he calls the “Annenberg advantage” in action.

“We really are among the best in the field and we can take risks others can’t take,” Dean Wilson said. “This nomination makes a statement about what we’re doing here in terms of our innovation and our forward-looking approach to these topics.”

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