white male student speaks with Asian female student in podcast studio

Joint effort: PR and cannabis research

The landscape of the cannabis industry in America has dramatically changed in the 21st century. But with the slow trickle of legislation and cultural changes that have made cannabis more accessible, there are concerns around health effects, misinformation, and visibility. 

Enter USC Annenberg’s public relations students. As part of their PR 450 capstone class, a group of students worked with the USC Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics to improve ways of getting the Center’s valuable evidence-based insights on cannabis legislation into the hands of those who need it most. Joining our host, journalism major Skye Lee, is Grayson Wolff, a junior in public relations, to share more about this unique class and increasingly pervasive topic.


Listen to the episode here: https://theannenverse.buzzsprout.com/2170393/13198412