Strategic Public Relations grad students write about their experience at AEJMC Conference in Chicago

Strategic Public Relations graduate students Brenna Clairr O'Tierney and Niku Ward wrote about their experiences at the recent AEJMC Conference as well as their time working on the Generally Accepted Practices (GAP) VII study at USC Annenberg's Strategic Communication and Public Relations Center.

From O'Tierney: "I had an unbelievable time at the conference, and it was inspiring to be among so many leading academics and professors from institutions across the country. USC Annenberg had a large presence due to the numerous faculty members presenting papers and posters."
From Ward: "All of our presentations went well and sparked significant discussions with researchers from all over the country. It was great to see that the work we were doing was relevant. It was also the only study of its kind at the conference. But the fun didn’t stop there."