Quoted: Week of March 6, 2017

“Quoted” gathers a selection of the week’s news stories featuring and written by USC Annenberg’s leadership, faculty, staff and others.

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Karen North was quoted by The Wall Street Journal about the evolution of Snapchat's brand. North was also quoted by Agence France-Presse on how reporters are now required to engage with their audience on social media, often with personal opinions, which blurs the line of objectivity.

Phil Seib published a piece on Huffington Post: The ISIS Delusion, the Al Qaeda Reality, which explains how eradicating ISIS is not equivalent to eradicating terrorism.

The Conversation published commentary by Hernán Galperin and François Bar (and Annette Kim of the USC Price School) on the need for more competition in the broadband market to provide broader access at competitive rates.

Bloomberg quoted David Craig on the surge in audience interest in political television content.

KPCC-FM published a story produced by as part of an ongoing series developed by Diane Winston and her students on how President Donald Trump's travel ban has affected the Jewish community.

The Daily Beast published commentary by Sandy Tolan about the current state of protests at Standing Rock as federal authorities move to continue construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The New York Times mentioned research by Stacy Smith and the Media, Diversity and Social Change Initiative and colleagues on the underrepresentation of women and minorities in the entertainment industry. KPCC-FM, PBS NewsHour, Deseret News, The Guardian (UK), Pacific Standard, Fusion, Fortune, Mother Jones and LA Weekly cited results from Smith's studies in Oscar coverage. PBS' "NextAvenue" noted Smith's study on the under- and poor portrayal of older adults on film and television.

Forbes and Bustle mentioned results from Smith’s study on the underrepresentation of women and minorities in the entertainment industry. The Hollywood Reporter quoted Smith about the diversity gap in the entertainment industry and how to solve it. Australian Financial Review (Australia) and Vulture noted research MDSC on the underrepresentation of women and minorities in the entertainment industry.

Fox News Los Angeles affiliate KTTV-TV cited comments by Richard Reeves on why President Donald Trump's attacks on the media will only make it stronger.

San Francisco Chronicle (in a story originally in The Conversation) published an op-ed by William Celis on the evolution and perspective of the black press and newspapers. "While bottom lines have been damaged by the continuing transition to digital from print, the digital space offers the platform for a renewed push by black media to continue its pointed, voice-driven journalism," he wrote.

KPCC-FM's "AirTalk" interviewed Judy Muller on the ethics of using anonymous sources.

Fox News quoted Joe Saltzman about whether the length of the Oscar telecast matters to those who care about the award show.

Financial Times quoted Gabriel Kahn about user expectations for Snapchat.

Jenkem Magazine featured a Q&A with Neftalie Williams and his work on the development of skateboarding culture and its foray into academia. "We need to have everyone be able to say three good things about skateboarding everywhere, and then we won't have so many obstacles. It seems small, but how we talk about ourselves is really important," Williams said. Stuff (New Zealand) also profiled Williams.