Quoted: Week of March 27, 2017

“Quoted” gathers a selection of the week’s news stories featuring and written by USC Annenberg’s leadership, faculty, staff and others.

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KNX-AM's "Mottek on Money" interviewed School of Journalism Director and incoming dean, Willow Bay.

Frank Mottek asked Bay about the significance of her role leading a prominent journalism and communication school: “I think it’s clearly one of the academic jewels of this city,” Bay said, “which of course is one of the great media capitals of the world. We are a pre-eminent academic institution and have some of the world’s foremost communication scholars,  such as Manuel Castels, Henry Jenkins, Sarah Banet-Weiser and Josh Kun – just to name a few. And these are names well known in the media industry. We’re also deeply tied as a professional school to our industries of practice, and that’s not just journalism. It’s public relations, media, sports and entertainment – and our grads fill these industries, not just locally but nationally and internationally.”

Reuters mentioned Bay's new position in a story about SCALE: The Future of Tech and Entertainment, an event co-hosted on March 23 by USC Marshall and USC Annenberg. The event featured Bay interviewing her husband, Disney CEO Robert Iger.

The New York Times also noted Bay’s new role, in coverage of the event. Los Angeles Times (second story here), Mashable, Time, Deadline, The Wrap and The Huffington Post cited Bay's new position.

CBS News Los Angeles affiliate KCBS-TV featured a platform developed by Gabe Kahn and Ugur Demiryurek of the USC Viterbi School's Integrated Media Systems Center to track traffic in Los Angeles. "Crosstown Traffic" found that traffic accidents in Los Angeles occurred a twice the national rate at all hours of the day. “Traffic is the one issue that impacts every person in Los Angeles no matter where they live, and there’s so much that we can learn about the city if we just analyze this data,” Kahn said. ABC News Los Angeles affiliate KABC-TV, NBC Los Angeles affiliate KNBC-TV, La Opinión and Business Insider highlighted the database and research.

The New York Times also highlighted the platform, as did LAist and Curbed LA.

Los Angeles Business Journal quoted Clayton Dube of the U.S.-China Institute on why toy manufacturers need to make culturally specific products.

The Washington Post and Cosmopolitan, in stories on the 20th anniversary of the film "Selena," noted research by Stacy Smith of the Media, Diversity & Social Change Initiative on the underrepresentation of women and minorities in the entertainment industry. El Mundo (Spain) also mentioned the study. Variety also cited an MDSC study, as did Entertainment Tonight and CNN.

The New York Times (in an Associated Press story) mentioned Smith’s work, along with Yahoo, Slate, CBC (Canada) and Bustle.

The New York Times quoted Pamela Starr on President Donald Trump's declining political capital when it comes to negotiating with Mexico.

The Dallas Morning News published a review by Philip Seib on a book about the relationship between Dwight Eisenhower and Joseph McCarthy.

Associated Press quoted Dan Schnur on whether Republicans will face pushback from their donors for cuts to arts and humanities programs in the federal budget.