Highlights of the MSPR Program from Niku Ward

Niku Ward.


La Mirada, CA

Undergraduate Institution and Major:

California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, B.S. in Psychology

Why I Chose Annenberg:

I wanted to combine my interest in human nature with my desire to be an environmental advocate. There was no better choice than public relations, and Annenberg's hands-on program run by professionals with vast amounts of academic and real world experience has proved to be a winning combination! Annenberg strives to stay on the cutting edge of industry thought and new media technology.

Highlights of the SPR Program:

The SPR program gave me a great foundation in the basics of public relations theory, history, and practical applications, but that was only the beginning. Classes in video production and editing, digital design tools, and research and social media strategies have given me a level of experience and expertise that I couldn't have anticipated. I have presented plans in the board room of a major entertainment studio, gone behind the scenes of a hit sitcom, and turned a class project into a successful advocacy effort regarding landscaping on the local Expo light rail line.

Key Takeaways:

Every organization and individual communicates -- more than ever before. Consequently, I have learned that effective, strategic communication can be key to solving the most complicated real-world problems. 

Career Aspirations:

I hope to eventually find myself involved in nonprofit or political advocacy on behalf of the environment. It may be facilitating press events, demonstrations and social media campaigns, or masterminding the the behind-the-scenes outreach between institutions that will develop cooperative relationships and form the foundation for environmental initiatives.