Melody Yuan.

Highlights of the MSPR Program from Melody Yuan

Melody Yuan.


Undergraduate Institution and Major:

College of Charleston, B.A. in Communication Studies and Spanish

Why I Chose Annenberg:

I chose Annenberg after speaking to MSPR Program Director Jerry Swerling on the phone. His approach to public relations, the involvement of professors in students' education and career choices, the course options, and USC's strong network of professionals led me to study strategic PR at Annenberg.

Highlights of the SPR Program:

Highlights include the ability to get a well rounded curriculum that allows aspiring PR candidates to study industries of their interest, from business for non-business professionals to healthcare. A personal highlight was watching USC's football game and having dinner with the rest of my program at Jerry Swerling's house during my first year.

Key Takeaways:

There are just so many...from the advice that professors have passed down to us to the reinforcement of strict time management while writing a master's thesis, a key takeaway for me was understanding that public relations really is a field that is incredibly versatile. It exists in every industry across any country, and there's still so much room for growth and research potential in this career. I'm really excited to actually dive into the profession after graduating!

Career Aspirations:

They include working for the United Nations World Tourism Organization or being the next Anthony Bourdain (or doing serious PR work for the next person) with the Travel Channel!