Highlights of the MSPR program from Archey Li


Xuzhou, China

Undergraduate Institution and Major:

Jiangsu Normal University, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Archey Li.

Why I Chose Annenberg:

Annenberg is a huge information hub and a center for the most influential social and academic events. The guest speakers at Annenberg's workshops and other events are all experts in their professional fields, and they give students valuable information about how to transfer what they have learned in their classes to the professional world post-graduation. 

Highlights of the SPR Program:

The SPR program prepares students to truly excel in the PR profession. Students can choose from a wide range of classes according to their career focus. Classes cover topics like corporate PR, entertainment, sports, social media, and international relations, along with information visualization and multimedia. The SPR program also has students from different countries with a diverse array of backgrounds, which greatly improves the learning experience. 

Key Takeaways:

I have learned how to be a thoughtful strategist who looks beneath the surface and always asks herself “why?” and “what does this actually mean?” This program teaches you far more than traditional PR tactics -- it challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone, dig deeper into the analysis process, and take a look at the strategy needed to execute certain tactics successfully. 

Career Aspirations:

I am interested in corporate PR, healthcare communication, and investor relations. At the same time, I am also passionate about the role of communication in international business and enterprise.