Learning Objectives

The Master of Public Diplomacy degree program emphasizes the role of non-state actors, global public opinion, international news and international communication in the public diplomacy process.

Public diplomacy — the effort by one government to inform and influence foreign audiences, while encouraging dialogue between its citizens and institutions and their counterparts abroad – has expanded to encompass the ever-increasing complexity of international affairs. The USC Master of Public Diplomacy degree program aims to develop the next generation of leaders within the industries of international public service, business and nongovernmental organizations.

Upon successful completion of the Public Diplomacy program you should be able to:

  1. understand and deploy a range of instruments to advance foreign policy goals by engaging foreign publics, beginning with listening;
  2. approach issues related to foreign public engagement across a variety of times and geographical locations through multiple academic disciplines including those of Communication and International Relations in order to advance and inform professional practice;
  3. work effectively as both a member of a team and as an individual researcher and/or practitioner in the field of foreign public engagement;
  4. communicate persuasively and succinctly in spoken and written forms and in the genres of communication currently in use in professionally public diplomacy practice.