Flickr / Photo by Pascal Maramis.

Strangeness Does Not Exist

When I was surfing on the Internet, I accidentally clicked on a link to a video. The name of the video is “Strangeness Does Not Exist”. This short video is actually an advertisement for the digital social medium app named “Momo”. The video tells stories about several people of different ages, genders and hobbies. But they all have something in common- they are lonely. For example, one of them is a young man; he is a white-collar worker who goes to work, and has dinner alone everyday. But without his working suit, he is a martial artist and he loves antique, which is indeed very incompatible with the modern environment around him. But he has a lot of friends who also enjoy doing martial arts; those people are the ones he gets to know after using “Momo”. The video depicts how “Momo” bonds these strangers together according to their similar hobbies or predilections.

Indeed, digital social media like “Momo” are the roots that reach to all the people with different backgrounds but similar interests, appetites and desires and bring them together. Those people could find the ones that resemble themselves; they admire and understand each other much better than the rest of the world does.

Everyone needs friends and the sense of belonging. We all need to be bonded and to be recognized. We communicate with each other because we all feel lonely deep inside. And this is what social media do; they provide us with the “medium” to find the same kind.

Flickr / Photo by Pascal Maramis.