Flickr / Photo by Bernard Spragg. NZ

The Secret of Life is…. Milk and Mascara!

Milk and mascara are the only things that matter in my life. I am a media professional, married with 4 kids and decided to toss in grad school for giggles. I mean, why not just add one more thing to my plate—you can do anything for a year, right? Everyone asks, “How are you able to do it all?” and “You have 4 kids? Who is watching them?” Needless to say that I do have a husband so my kids aren’t left to graze in the wild. Instead, I only need two ingredients to make my life work—milk and mascara.

Obviously, having milk in the fridge is my benchmark for family success. If there is milk, the family will survive another day! Actually, more like we did a good job as parents. Our kids range from 10 years to just under 2. As you could imagine, we might be better off having our own cow in the backyard but I think Los Angeles County may have a rule about that. Our trips to Costco or as we call it, Costco Sunday Funday, results in us purchasing at least 4 gallons of milk per week, not including the grocery store dash for an additional gallon.  Did I mention how much milk we drink as a family, and when I say family, I really mean just my 4 kids? If you did the math, that’s 5 gallons of milk per week for 4 kids alone. If we are out of milk, our whole world crashes. Period. It’s basically the same feeling when you lose your internet connection or get kicked off the server---you might as well just pack up and go home. In our case, we are home so we can only pack up and go to the grocery store.

Oh mascara, mascara, mascara. With work, family and school, mascara is the one personal item that can make a world of difference.  Early in my career, I would spend time with beauty editors and they told me how important mascara was. And of course, if a beauty editor says its important, it must be important. I keep mascara in my car, in my purse, my desk drawer and of course, my bathroom. You just never know when you are going to need it and according to my beauty editors, the correct answer is always. It’s an instant face brightener and with 4 kids, a job and school, I need all the help you can get.

If I have milk and mascara, I know that it’s going to be a good day.  And on a side note, mascara is a quick fix for facial grey hair--just ask my husband.   

Flickr / Photo by Bernard Spragg. NZ