Courtesy of Yinong Zheng.

The Popular Mannequin Challenge

Recently, I was highly surprised by something that the internet decides to turn into a meme. That something was the “Mannequin Challenge”. This challenge involves a group of people who freeze themselves in different poses while doing different activities. One person will be going through the scene and taking a video of it, as if the time has stopped for that minute. There is an epic background music for this challenge, and the name of the song is “Black Beatles”, by Rae Sremmurd.

This idea of “Mannequin Challenge” first came from a high school student in Florida. After he uploaded the video to Twitter, it immediately attracted a lot of fans. Many people liked the idea and gathered with their friends to do it. Besides ordinary people, a number of stars and celebrities also accepted the challenge. Thanks to the internet, soon thousands of videos of the “Mannequin Challenge” were uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wechat, Youtube, etc. These powerful social media soon worked as a catalyst and immediately drove the “Mannequin Challenge” to one of the hottest topics online. As a result, the song “Black Beatles” also gained enormous popularity.

Two weeks ago, as my friends and I were gathering to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival, we tried the “Mannequin Challenge” after dinner. It was very fun, and absolutely worth playing. I have uploaded our video to my instagram account: westashhh. So take a look if you are interested!