Flickr / Photo by Olle Eriksson.

Five Ways to Take a Better Instagram Photo

Instagram is a great way to promote your brand and build and audience. With 500 million users currently on the social media platform, how do you set yourself apart? The answer lies within your photos! An Instagram with great photos can not only drive sales and bring in new business –it can go viral. Here are five ways to take a better Instagram photo and stand out from the crowd!

  • Your background matters! Unnecessary photobombs aren’t going to do anything good for your shot. Try to find a bare wall or clean back drop when shooting.
  • Say no to zoom! Cell phone cameras are good, but a zoomed in photo is going to decrease the quality. Instead, get up close and personal with the subject.
  • Filters are a game changer! Download a photo editing app such as VSCO, FaceTune or PicLab to edit your photos and add a filter. Pro tip: keep your filters consistent throughout- this will help give your feed an aesthetic.
  • Don’t over edit. Though filters and editing tools can take a photo to the next level- too much can ruin one as well. Users prefer images that don’t look like they were edited too much.
  • Have fun! Instagram photography is not only a way to promote your business but also a form of artistic expression. Get inspired from other users and strive to constantly evolve and mix it up!

Flickr / Photo by Olle Eriksson.