Master of Digital Social Media Program Information

The M.S. in Digital Social Media requires 32 units of graduate study. It is a full-time program that can be completed in three terms (fall, spring and summer).  Below are the required courses for this degree program:

Core Requirements 

  • DSM 510 - Introduction to Digital Social Media (4 units)
  • DSM 520 - Managing Technologies for Digital Media (4 units)
  • DSM 596 - Final Project Capstone (4 Units)

Research and Practicum Requirements 

  • DSM 550 - Analytics and Research Methodology (4 units)
  • DSM 560 - Digital Media Policy, Law, Practices, and Regulation (4 units)

Specialization Classes 
You will choose one to three classes (4-8 units) that help you to specialize in an area of expertise within the realm of digital social media. Approval from the director is required for these classes. 

With the permission of the program director, you may take up to eight (8) elective units within the Annenberg School, or from other USC programs. You are also strongly encouraged to acquire relevant experience through an internship for which you may earn degree credit.