What's the Big Deal with Wallis Annenberg Hall?

Edward McSweeney, MCM Candidate, Class of 2015

Just after stepping foot into USC’s newest building addition, Wallis Annenberg Hall, it becomes clear that you have crossed over into a completely different type of educational environment. Even though is it filled with an almost overwhelming amount of new technology, it still has the same comfortable feel as the old Annenberg building, making students feel right at home. The open layout of the lobby is complimented by an enormous multimedia news screen, which helps students feel constantly connected to news and current events.

To the side of the lobby are glass doors that let you see inside Wallis Hall’s crown jewel: the state of the art multimedia newsroom. USC managed to successfully create a new educational space where print, broadcast, online, and all other types of media can not only coexist together, but also collaborate effectively.

After deciding to pursue my Master of Communication Management Degree at USC, I looked forward to taking advantage of everything the Annenberg School had to offer. Little did I know that the addition of Wallis Hall would blow my expectations clear out of the water. I have never seen or experienced such a technologically immersive educational environment, one that you need to see personally to fully experience. Also, when I considered the MCM program, I did it because I wanted a blend of theoretical education with hands-on experience. This new facility has truly opened the door to a myriad of new hands-on opportunities as an Annenberg student. Needless to say, each time I step inside the building it makes me excited and proud to be an MCM student at USC, and reminds me that USC is on the forefront of education in entertainment and new media.