Research Opportunities for Master’s Students

As a student at USC, you can engage in real research with faculty and centers, opening doors to new opportunities and strengthening your career path and résumé. Dozens of research projects are conducted throughout the school each year. 

Master’s students who are interested in pursuing research at USC Annenberg can take custom directed research courses with individual faculty members, work at one of our many research centers, or, if awarded a merit scholarship to do so, pursue a TA or RA position. Each opportunity is outlined more fully below. 

  1. Pursue research by taking a custom 590 Directed Research course with a USC Annenberg faculty member.
    1. Once you determine you want to conduct research at USC Annenberg, speak to the faculty member you would like to work with. 
    2. Fill out 590 Directed Research forms and submit that to your adviser in order to take the research course.
    3. Over the course of the semester, work with the faculty member on your research projects for a grade.  
  2. Pursue research through one of USC Annenberg’s research centers
    1. Once you determine which center of research at USC Annenberg you would like to conduct research with, browse their website or contact them to learn more about open positions for student work. Centers may have any combination of fellowships, student work positions, or other opportunities to be involved. 
    2. Apply through the center’s channels.
  3. Pursue research through a TA or RA position
    1. Upon applying to USC, your application will be reviewed for financial aid, including merit scholarships. If awarded a merit scholarship, you may pursue a Teaching Assistant (TA) or Research Assistant (RA) position through that scholarship. 
    2. TA and RA positions are only available to students who have been awarded merit scholarships.