Tyler C.
Co-Founder | Chief Operating Officer - Kinwoven

Tyler Stevens leads operations and communications for Kinwoven, an interior design media brand that teaches, inspires and services audiences around the world. A USC Annenberg graduate, Tyler has spent his career exploring ways to use digital media technologies (like YouTube and social platforms) to connect brands and influencers with audiences across the globe. This has included supporting the launch of a social platform at Google, helping The Walt Disney Company grow and monetize new audiences at Maker Studios, and providing brands with viral marketing campaigns at Shareability.

Shareability is one of the hottest entities in the digital content space working with global brands, studios, celebrities and digital influencers to create and distribute content that people love to share. Shareability has driven over one billion organic views and had an astounding 23 videos on the front page of YouTube. Working with a host of major brands/studios including Pepsi, AT&T, Pizza Hut and The Olympics; the company has had a ongoing stream of global hits including "Ronaldo in Disguise," "The Dangers of Selfie Sticks PSA," "Freshpet Holiday Feast" and "#Photomombing!".

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