Ariana Case

Research Assistant, Annenberg Inclusion Initiative

Ariana Case received her BA in communication from USC Annenberg in 2013. Since her days as an undergraduate, Case has conducted research with the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative examining the role of diversity in entertainment. As the team’s project assistant, Case collaborates with the entire team, coordinating their efforts to see to the completion of all ongoing research. Beginning in 2011, Case has contributed to numerous projects assessing all aspects of inequality in media. Some of which include collecting data in the first ever comprehensive report card ranking major media companies on their inclusion efforts, as well as analyzing quantitative and qualitative data in the research presented by Stacy Smith at the 2013 and 2015 Sundance Film Festivals. Between 2012 and 2013, Case also acquired experience in the cable television and nonprofit industries as a production assistant and a communications coordinator, respectively. In addition to her work with Smith on inclusion and representation in the media, Case has an avid interest in American pop culture and its interaction with society at large.