Illustration by Suz Boretz

USC Annenberg graduates receive top university and school honors

Continuing the tradition of honoring graduating students from disciplines across the university, USC’s annual Student Recognition Awards ceremony was held on May 12. Outstanding members of USC Annenberg’s Class of 2022 were recognized with these top honors, showcasing their stellar academic achievements as well as their meaningful contributions that have significantly enriched the university and the wider community.

Student Recognition Awards

The Order of Troy

Recipients of the Order of Troy have distinguished themselves beyond their peers in at least one facet of university life and have made notable contributions to the university community as active leaders or critical contributors in service to peers, the university community or the world at large. These students have pursued academic excellence while devoting extensive time and energy in service outside the classroom.  

  • Twesha Dikshit
  • Isabel Gonzalez
  • Madeline Libby
  • ​​Victoria Westover
  • Marissa Zayed

The Order of Arête

Arête, taken from the Greek, means virtue or excellence in attaining one’s utmost human potential. Members of the Order of Arête have distinguished themselves above their peers through campus or community leadership roles beyond those required for their programs of study, often making notable contributions to the university, academic discipline, community or world at large. In these leadership roles, members demonstrate significant depth and scope of responsibility, and they are recognized for upholding value and meaning over individual achievement. The award represents the highest honor accorded graduate students upon completion of their academic programs.

  • Chloe Hirth
  • Emma Weiner

Academic Honors

USC Provost’s Award

The USC Provost’s Award is granted to graduating seniors who have attained the highest scholarship average of all undergraduate transfer students at the University. The recipients have attained a perfect 4.0 grade point average.

  • Audrey Kato
  • Preston Long
  • Felicia Wulandari
  • Abigail Yosian

University Trustees Award

The University Trustees Award is granted to graduating seniors who have attained the highest scholarship average since their first year at the university. The recipients of this award have attained a perfect 4.0 grade point average for their entire undergraduate course of study at USC.

  • Zazu Sabrina Lippert

Renaissance Scholars

USC Renaissance Scholars are students who graduate in two or more widely separated fields of study with both a major and a minor, or two baccalaureate degrees. Renaissance Scholars must meet requirements for superior academic performance, including no less than a 3.5 overall grade point average, and no less than a 3.5 grade point average in their respective programs of study.  

  • Perianne Caron
  • Elizabeth Gale Cuzzupoli
  • Trinity Anne Gomez
  • Ruikun Harry Hao
  • Sarah Ko
  • Caroline Ashley Kucera
  • Olivia Lee
  • Lauren Milstein
  • Helena Rose Ordin
  • Brianna Sampson
  • Madelyn Grace Studnicka
  • Rene van Steenbergen 
  • Xinruihe Serena Wang
  • Xinyi Zhang
  • Angie Melissa Orellana Hernandez
  • Jueran Mellow Wei
  • Alicia Wu
  • Xinyu Ciao Zhao
  • Sophia Ungaro
  • Twesha Dikshit
  • Talia Charlotte Awerbuck
  • Samantha Lauren Brill 
  • Benjamin David Butcher
  • Lauren Ghadoushi
  • Katherine Gilman
  • ZaZu Sabrina Lippert
  • Kelly Peterson
  • Arianna Proul
  • Arianna Sanders
  • Chutong Hitomi Song
  • Ruyi Dana Tang

Communication Department Honors

  • Marissa Zoe Aivazis
  • Jade Pilar Bolton
  • Benjamin David Butcher
  • Katherine Doris Gilman
  • Maximillian Gomez
  • Haeri Kim
  • Justin Marks
  • Carson James Marsh
  • Kristal Alexandra Silva
  • Jueran Wei
  • Sharon Zhang

Journalism Department Honors

  • Emily Clarisse Bonilla
  • Jillian Nicole Carmenate
  • Jillian Danielle Carroll
  • Christian Ricardo Colmenares
  • Elena Shah Davidson
  • Cameron Guest
  • Daniel Yechan Hahm
  • Ella Caroline Katz
  • Caroline Ashley Kucera
  • Taj Mayfield
  • Catherine Joann Orihuela
  • Luke Camden Scorziell

Public Relations Department Honors

  • Caitlin Ann Barr
  • Alexandra Ellen Esch
  • Taryn Reece Gallagher
  • Anh Duyen Le
  • Amber Lewis-Pugh
  • Madeline Libby
  • Zazu Sabrina Lippert
  • Anna-Marie Mackova
  • Sally Naomi Rakestraw
  • Brianna Rene Sampson
  • Kate Elizabeth Simon
  • Virgil Sum
  • Felicia Wulandari

School of Journalism Awards

In addition, USC Annenberg’s School of Journalism announced the following recipients of their annual awards for graduating students. 

  • Luke Camden Scorziell, Bryce Nelson Award for Distinguished Journalism
  • Zazu Sabrina Lippert, Center for Public Relations Research Award
  • Cassandra Esparza Villarreal and Maisey McGinnis, Director’s Award for Excellence (Graduate)
  • Zazu Sabrina Lippert, Director’s Award For Excellence (Undergraduate)
  • Aleksander “Sasha” Urban, Jack Langguth First Amendment Award
  • Steven Vargas, Norman Corwin Award for Service and Scholarship
  • Caitlin Hernandez, Outstanding BA in Journalism Scholar (GPA)
  • Angie Orellana Hernandez, Outstanding BA in Journalism Scholar (Recognition)
  • Lucia Ruan Outstanding MS in Journalism Scholar (Top Scholar)
  • Cassandra Esparza Villarreal, Outstanding MS in Journalism Scholar (Recognition)
  • Audrey Kato and Zazu Sabrina Lippert, Outstanding BA Public Relations Scholar (GPA)
  • Faith Bonds, Outstanding BA in Public Relations Scholar (recognition)
  • Yusra Mohamed Farzan and Patrick Waechter, Outstanding Specialized Journalism Scholar (Top Scholar)
  • Isabella Zavarise, Outstanding Specialized Journalism Scholar (Recognition)
  • Ryan Coleman, Outstanding Specialized Journalism (The Arts) Scholar (Top Scholar)
  • Jessica Doherty, Outstanding Specialized Journalism (The Arts) Scholar (Recognition)
  • Samantha Balcaceres, Outstanding Public Relations and Advertising Scholar (Top Scholar)
  • Jonathan Chavez and Bokie Mugai, Outstanding Public Relations and Advertising Scholar (Recognition)
  • Clara Preve Durrieu and Ariel Guadron Cerna (Andres), Penny Lernoux Award for International Reporting