Media Center is "one big sandbox for all our student productions"

Now that the 2014 school year is underway, students have had the opportunity to play in the "sandbox" that is the converged Media Center at Wallis Annenberg Hall. The following are a selection of videos offering a peek at what's begun and what's to come. 

Executive producer for ATVN and senior journalism major, Faith Miller, spent the summer working on preparing the Media Center for ATVN's broadcasts. "A place like this doesn't exist anywhere else in the world," Miller said. [Video above] 

Chuck Boyles, director of multimedia technology for USC Annenberg, shows off the Media Center's many features. 

Willa Seidenberg of Annenberg Radio News is most looking forward to the impact the state-of-the-art complex will have on student and faculty collaboration.

For more videos from USC Annenberg, visit our YouTube page.