Immersive storytelling experiences of the 2018 Olympics

USC Annenberg has a long history of sending student interns to the Olympics. This year, in addition to a number of communication and journalism students who had the chance to work with various news organizations, the Center on Public Diplomacy partnered with Robert Hernandez’s JOVRNALISM (VR journalism) student team. They commissioned a small group to travel to South Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympics and create 360-degree videos. These immersive storytelling opportunities were focused on South Korea’s culture and peacebuilding efforts through sports diplomacy.

The JOUVRNALISM team created a series of five immersive postcards and published pieces for NPRUSA Today and NBC (ChicagoLos AngelesMiami and New York).

USC Annenberg created a short video to provide an overview of their experience.

Students also created short documentaries.

Inside Sports Diplomacy: A 360° View of Korean Peacebuilding through PyeongChang 2018. From JOVRNALISM on Vimeo.


Behind the scenes at the Olympics from JOVRNALISM on Vimeo.