Three sets of twins, six degrees, one school: USC Annenberg

USC Annenberg has three sets of identical twins — each with the same major — graduating this year. We sat down and talked to all six as they prepare for commencement. They spoke excitedly about their futures and the people who have helped them along the way.

Theodora and Alexandra West

Theodora and Alexandra West '18 – Major: Communication.
Photo by: Olivia Mowry
Theodora West:

I appreciated my Annenberg professors because they had a great sense of humor and kept us on our toes — it kept us learning and I have been able to apply that to my internships and group projects. My sister and I started our freshman year at USC in Paris in a study-abroad program. It was an amazing experience for us. I’m introverted by nature and was a bit nervous coming to Los Angeles, but I promised myself that I would try and take that next step to become more outgoing. It helped that our professors designed their classes in such a way that we had to get outside our comfort zone. After graduation, I will be working at Resolution Media, a digital marketing agency. Had I not been encouraged to intern, I don't know if I would have been self-assured enough to network, interview, and ultimately gain the confidence I needed to make this next step.”

Alexandra West:

I’m very interested in fashion and I realized I could connect fashion to what I was studying in communication. This opened up opportunities for me throughout my academic career. I had the chance to intern at Tory Burch and Chanel, and I took classes that looked at communication in the fashion industries. Then, in my PR classes, I learned how a message you convey and the images you represent reflect a brand’s identity. Having the chance to take classes in all these different disciplines, including marketing and journalism, enabled me to walk away with the tools I need to go into the industry of my dreams.”

Alysta and Athena Lim

Alysta and Athena Lim '18 – Major: Public Relations.
Photo by: Olivia Mowry
Alysta Lim:

I think the most valuable experience I’ve had here at USC Annenberg is the perspective it has given me. The classes I took gave me the tangible skills to open my own business one day, which is my dream. I learned how to interact with people, and I think, no matter what you decide to do in life, it’s important to be able to relate to people and communicate effectively while expressing your perspective. Thanks to Annenberg, I already have a job secured with my current internship. One of my professors suggested I let my boss at Infineon Technologies know that I am looking for a job. Guess what? I did and will officially start full-time after I graduate.”

Athena Lim:

The faculty here have taught me to go outside my comfort zone, which has helped me grow not as only a student, but as a professional. I came in my junior year as a transfer student and my only goal at that time was to graduate and get a job. But coming here and being exposed to a lot of high-achieving people and very supportive professors and advisors, made me want to do so much more. Internships were one avenue that taught me how to push myself — I did everything from digital marketing, hospitality and entertainment to consumer products and smart technology. All of these experiences have pushed me to keep exploring, to be adventurous and curious.”

Selena and Serena Howard

Serena and Selena Howard ’18 — Major: Public Relations.
Photo by: Olivia Mowry
 Serena Howard:

The network here and the fact that all the professors work in the professional world was really important to me. My favorite class is definitely the public relations honors seminar with Fred Cook. He didn’t just teach PR, he taught us how we should lead and live — both in and outside of our careers. He didn’t just teach from the book that he wrote, but from his experiences, and I’ve applied so many things from that class to my real life. It’s those connections, and then also being able to meet so many bright classmates who are also going to the same field as me, that’s reassuring.”

Selena Howard: 

I started interning the second semester of my freshman year, having learned about these opportunities from USC Annenberg job postings. My first semester I did a fashion internship, my next I worked at a non-profit, then I interned for Kamala Harris, then at a multicultural media agency for black millennials online, called Blavity. And now my current role is the press intern at the attorney general’s press office. I have the potential to become many things and I have the potential to be interested in many things and I decided to explore all the different avenues that I could. Public relations has so many transferable skills. I can go into any industry I want and perform.”