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An inside look at Maymester

Over the course of four episodes, The Annenverse podcast features conversations with undergraduate and graduate students about their experiences in USC Annenberg's Maymester program. Set in a variety of cities, the two-week program gives students a firsthand glimpse into the convergence and disruption in media, communication and technology — and imagine their possible place in it.

New York City: 

USC Annenberg’s New York City Maymester program connects students with industry professionals at leading media, communication and technology companies, including CBS News, the NBA, Spotify, and more. Senior public relations major Ruby Fuller and junior communication major Eric Choi share a glimpse into their experiences. Listen to the episode here: https://theannenverse.buzzsprout.com/2170393/13798442-inside-look-at-maymester-new-york-city

Washington, D.C.:

With USC’s Capital Campus opening earlier this year in the heart of Washington, D.C., students in USC Annenberg’s D.C. Maymester program leverage the opportunity to engage with influential politicians and government experts who play a pivotal role in shaping our nation. In this episode, we dive deep with Sarah Schornstein, a master’s student in the public diplomacy program, and Abigail Rawlinson, a junior majoring in communication. Listen to the episode here: https://theannenverse.buzzsprout.com/2170393/13798677-inside-look-at-maymester-washington-d-c

Media, Economics & Entrepreneurship:

Students enhance their networking skills with media and business industry professionals at Los Angeles-based companies such as Warner Records and Hulu through USC Annenberg’s Media, Economics & Entrepreneurship Maymester program. Roy Gantz, a junior majoring in public relations, and Simi Situ, a progressive degree program (PDP) student pursuing a BA in communication and master’s in communication management, provide an insider’s view. Listen to the episode here: https://theannenverse.buzzsprout.com/2170393/13798629-inside-look-at-maymester-media-economics-entrepreneurship

Sports Media Industries:

Through USC Annenberg’s Sports Media Industries Maymester program, students explore the vast array of professional opportunities in sports and sports media industries, including Red Bull Media and Apple Beats. Carly Rieger, a junior communication major, and Fernando Cienfuegos, a public relations and advertising master’s student, share what they discovered while in Los Angeles, one of the great sports capitals in the world. Listen to the episode here: https://theannenverse.buzzsprout.com/2170393/13798953-inside-look-at-maymester-sports-media-industries