Inside USC Annenberg: November 18, 2013

USC Annenberg's focus on the digital future is exemplified by the Annenberg Innovation Lab's research on the theory and practice of new transmedia developements and their impact on society. Here are three of the lab's latest points of focus:
  •  Aaron Koblin as Innovator-in-Residence: Koblin heads the Data Arts Group at Google, and through many projects he has explored how to maximize crowdsourcing to make digital art/media. The Johnny Cash Project, for example, combined artwork done by scores of Cash's fans to make a music video for one of the late legend's songs:
  • Professor Jonathan Taplin, Director of the Annenberg School of Innovation, recently spoke about his view of the current state of entertainment. Taplin has produced films for legendary director Martin Scorsese and former Beatle George Harrison's "Concert for Bangladesh."
Taplin said, “The next 10 years should be the best of times for the media and entertainment business. The global middle class is growing exponentially. When people begin to have discretionary income, the first thing they do is buy a TV, go to the movies or buy a gaming console.”
  • An interview between Taplin and Cesar Hidalgo for NYU's GovLab:
Cesar Hildalgo and Jonathan Taplin from The GovLab on Vimeo.