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Professor Monge to receive ICA's Career Productivity Award

Communication professor Peter Monge, who also has an appointment at the USC Marshall School of Business, will receive the 2012 Steven H. Chaffee Career Productivity Award from the International Communication Association.

The award honors a scholar for sustained work on a communication research problem over an extended period and whose influence is evident on a second generation of scholars. The award committee observed that he was the “ideal candidate” for the award, adding that his intellectual leadership can be seen in his own scholarly awards as well as a substantial number of dissertation awards earned by his students, by his substantial record of funding from the National Science Foundation and other sources, and his international visibility.

“His work is original and has explored new concepts, terrains, and applications of communication networks in the field — including organizational communication, information systems, new technologies, and mass media,” the committee said. “He has added theoretical richness to an area of study that was once vacuous in theory,” and concluded that his “publications, his commitment to students’ development, and his interdisciplinary intellectual leadership have literally changed the trajectory of network studies."

Peter Monge