Public Relations at USC Annenberg

USC’s undergraduate and master’s programs in public relations are ranked among the best in the world, preparing graduates not only for rewarding jobs in a variety of industries, but empowering them with the leadership skills and adaptability to navigate a profession that is constantly changing. The USC PR program views the work of PR practitioners as advocates for brands or causes, and no other coursework better prepares its students to elevate the image of a client or organization ethically, strategically and with research-driven insights.

The alumni network of USC PR graduates numbers in the thousands, and includes many executives at the top of their fields. The professional experience students acquire through internships with world-class organizations means many of them are recruited into great jobs immediately upon graduation.

USC’s PR programs draw from a talented full-time faculty of award-winning industry veterans and scholars, as well as an adjunct faculty of PR practitioners currently leading some of the top firms in Southern California. Students receive an education that blends theory and research with hands-on practical skills.

Upon graduation, USC PR students are hired for their ability to hit the ground running with expert writing, multimedia and digital production, social media and strategic planning skills, and they are promoted quickly in their careers for their ability to analyze campaign outcomes, conduct original industry research and use theory to inform future thinking.

Students can choose a broad-based degree plan that makes the most of the diverse course offerings at Annenberg and from other departments across campus, leaving USC with a versatile set of skills and perspectives. Or they may choose to craft a program of study that focuses core skills in a specific area of expertise, gearing up for public relations careers in their particular area of interest, including sports, entertainment, lifestyle, corporate or non-profit. 

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