Jour 585: Specialized Reporting on Religion and International Relations

Whether the topic is medicine, law, politics, economics, gender relations, immigration or the environment, beliefs shape attitudes and behavior — a connection that reporters too easily overlook. In recent years, students in “Specialized Reporting on Religion and International Relations” have examined the economic and political crisis in Greece; the challenges facing Israel’s immigrants, Arab citizens and Jews of color, and the rise of Hindu nationalism in Indian politics.

Jour 585 partners with various media organizations to ensure student work is professionally published. Most recently, KPCC, Southern California Public Radio, was awarded $400,000 from the Luce Foundation to partner with Jour 585 on covering transnational religion and international relations issues. Past stories have appeared in outlets including the Washington Post, Atlantic, Der Spiegel, Jerusalem Post, Los Angeles Times, Indian Express, Daily Beast, Christian Science Monitor, and Public Radio International

Jour 585 Student Work

Greece 2017

Greece’s Crisis of Faith, Group Truth Project, Ground Truth Project

Indonesia and Islam in the Age of ISIS, Ground Truth Project

The Saffron Election, Ground Truth Project

India 2014

Ireland 2013

Israel 2011