Katie Antonsson wins a Korva Coleman Excellence Award for video

This article was originally published on the Ampersand website.

By Katie Antonsson, Arts MSJ student, 2016 

Antonsson spent the year covering the Los Angeles River for her series about "Finding Home." Largely a multimedia series, with podcasts and significant text portions across four chapters, it earned her a Korva Coleman Excellence Award today for SPOT 127, the youth media center of Phoenix, AZ’s NPR affiliate KJZZ 91.5. Her winning video explores the community that gathers at the Los Angeles River for the biannual LA River campout.

"The sun is low in the sky when I pull up to the fence at the Bowtie Project yet again, more familiar with the intricacies of the back road in Atwater Village. At this point, I’ve biked its length and stood at the edge of the roundhouse at the end, wanting to jump down into it and explore. I’ve biked the river path on the west side, pulling up short on the brakes where the trail suddenly stops and turns to dirt, the river beyond the freeway overpass turning to concrete. I realized my Gold Line train speeds just above that stretch, and the next day on my commute I look upstream and catch a glimpse of the greenery beyond before I’m sucked under a bridge to Chinatown."

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