USC Annenberg Summer Associates

What is the USC Annenberg Summer Associates program?

As part of the new M.S. in Journalism degree program, we have created a unique post-graduate professional opportunity called the USC Annenberg Summer Associates. Students will work full time in media companies for an average of 8 weeks.

The benefit of hiring a USC Annenberg Summer Associate?

The USC Annenberg School prepares our M.S. Journalism graduates for significant careers in journalism. Our 36-unit, 9 1/2 month program – the foundation of which is built on reporting and writing -- teaches students how to produce digital content across all platforms (broadcast, online and print), understand the importance of context and analysis, and embrace the role of diverse communities in storytelling. Through a variety of core and elective courses taught by a world-class, award-winning faculty, students hone a journalistic sensibility that prepares them for work at your media outlet.

What is the process for hiring a USC Annenberg Summer Associate?

Interested companies will need to commit by December 2015 to participate. Student applications will be reviewed by a faculty committee. Those students nominated by faculty will have their applications submitted to employers. Employers will screen, interview, and select final candidates. This process will happen during March and April 2016.

How long are the USC Annenberg Summer Associates placements and what do they pay?

Most employers hire USC Annenberg Summer Associates full-time for an average of 8 weeks. Salaries range in amount, but averages $750 a week paid by the employer.

What other companies have participated in the USC Annenberg Summer Associates program?

  • ABC News New York
  • Added Value
  • Fusion
  • Huffington Post
  • KPCC/ Southern CA Public Radio
  • Los Angeles Sentinel
  • Los Angeles Times
  • RYOT News
  • The Wrap
  • USC Annenberg
  • USC Annenberg Health Fellowships
  • USC Viterbi