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Associate Professor of Professional Practice
Miki Turner is wise enough to know that weeping endureth for a night, and old enough to know that this, too, shall pass.
Photo of Miki Turner
Miki Turner is wise enough to know that weeping endureth for a night, and old enough to know that this, too, shall pass.
Arts and Culture, Digital Media, Diversity and Inclusion, Entertainment, Ethics, Los Angeles, Marketing, Popular Culture, Race and Ethnicity, Social Justice, Sports
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Culture and Media
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After a successful career as an award-winning journalist, author and producer, Turner is now using her collective experience to teach the next generation of future journalists; and is committed to making USC a more diverse and inclusive environment through her work with admissions and as the director of the inaugural Minority Serving Institutions Graduate Recruitment Conference.

Turner, who has held positions at ESPN, the NFL Network, MSNBC, AOL, BET and several newspapers, teaches photojournalism, sports commentary, digital storytelling and a sports production class. She is head of the undergraduate mentoring program, ARM (Annenberg Resources and Mentoring); founder of the Annenberg Cross-Cultural Student Association; adviser to the USC Photography Club; serves on USC Annenberg graduate admissions, DIEA and sports curriculum committees; and is on the honorary degrees and Fisher Museum advisory committees.

Turner became the first regularly-featured African American female sports columnist at a major metropolitan daily during her tenure at the Oakland Tribune in the early 90’s. Her photography has been featured in exhibitions in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Los Angeles and USC. She was one of the prize-winning photographers in the 2015 Florence Biennale in October and is currently working on vol. 2 of her globally successful first book, journey to the woman i’ve come to love. Turner has moderated numerous panels from the home of the Canadian consulate to the Black Women Film Network conference. A respected pop culture critic, Turner has appeared on CNN to discuss diversity and other issues in the entertainment industry. In March 2016, Turner’s photojournalism class celebrated Women’s History Month by honoring the Women of Annenberg with a photo exhibition in Wallis Annenberg Hall, featuring over 80 women from directors to custodial staffers.

Awards and honors:

USC Faculty Mentoring Award (undergraduates, 2021)
Behind the Lens award from Black Women Film Network (2021)
Photography Award, Florence Biennale (2015)
Woman of Excellence, Wiley College (2014)
Alumni Legacy Award, Hampton University (2012)


journey to the woman i’ve come to love, author (CreateSpace, 2013).

tomorrow, author (Le Design, 2013).