Alison Trope
Clinical Professor of Communication; Director, Undergraduate Studies


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ANN 310A

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Arts and Culture
Gender Studies
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The Critical Media Project

Trope is a clinical professor in the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and the director of the Critical Media Project (CMP), a web-based media literacy resource focused on the politics of identity (gender, race, class, sexuality, religion, age and disability). CMP is used in LAUSD and other secondary and higher education institutions across the country. Trope also serves as the Faculty Director for IDEA (Institute for Diversity and Empowerment at Annenberg).

Trope is the author of Stardust Monuments: The Saving and Selling of Hollywood (Dartmouth, 2012), which explores the enduring efforts to memorialize and canonize the history and meaning Hollywood takes on in our everyday lives. Her other work examines the history and current state of Hollywood philanthropy and activism.

Stardust Monuments

Trope received her Ph.D. in Critical Studies from the School of Cinema-Television at the University of Southern California in 1999. She has taught in the Critical Studies department in the School of Cinema-Television and has taught a range of courses in the Annenberg School for Communication since 2001. Her research and teaching interests include media history, media exhibition, popular culture, visual culture, gender representation, media literacy, and museum studies.

For several years, Trope served on the Editorial Board and as Book Review Editor for The Moving Image, a journal published in conjunction with the Association of Moving Archivists. Prior to teaching at Annenberg, she worked as Program Director at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, where she put on public lectures and seminars as well as worked on various public relations activities tied to the annual Academy Awards. She  also worked as an Associate Producer at the Labyrinth Project, co-organized an international conference on interactive media, and wrote the catalogue for an accompanying new media exhibition. Before  returning to pursue her MA and Ph.D. in film and television, she received her BA from Vassar College in 1990 and worked at MTV Europe in London.


Course Titles

ASCJ 200: Discover, Deconstruct, Design--Navigating Media & News in the Digital Age
COMM 206: Communication and Culture
COMM 366: Designing Media and Communication for Social Change
COMM 384: Interpreting Popular Culture
COMM 395: Gender, Media and Communication
COMM 396: Fashion, Media and Culture
COMM 433: Home Entertainment
COMM 450: Visual Culture and Communication
COMM 465: Gender in Media Industries and Products
COMM 367: Community Engagement and Service Learning