How to Prepare

How to prepare for your Annenberg study abroad semester experience.

Here, we share useful information that we require all study abroad participants to read before they depart for their programs.  These resources complement and expand upon information that is presented at mandatory pre-departure orientation sessions. By reviewing this information, students will be better prepared when they arrive in their host countries.  Please share this page with your family/loved ones.

PRE-DEPARTURE READINGS: Please click on the links below to read about each subject.

Health & Safety
U.S. Passports
U.S. Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) 
U.S. Department of State Travel Alerts & Warnings 
U.S. Department of State Overseas Citizens Services 
International SOS 
Fire Safety While Abroad 
Prescription Medication While Abroad

Banking and Bugeting 
Study Abroad Money Tips
Using Credit Cards when Studying Abroad
6 Tips to Create & Stick to Your Study Abroad Budget

Mobile Phones + Electronics
How to Find the Best Cell Phone Plan for Study Abroad
Guide To Using The iPhone Abroad

PDF icon AIP London Semester Packing List
PDF icon ​AIP Rome Semester Packing List
PDF icon AIP Hong Kong Semester Packing List
PDF icon AIP Auckland Semester Packing List
PDF icon AIP Sydney Semester Packing List
Her Campus's Ultimate Study Abroad Packing List

Physical and Mental Wellbeing
Mental Health and Preparing to Study Abroad 
Self Care While Abroad 
Diabetes and Study Abroad 
Mobility International USA 
Health Insurance for Students Studying Abroad

Institute for International Education Scholarship Database 
The Gilman International Scholarship 
Go Overseas Scholarship Search 
Scholarships for Study in New Zealand 

First Generation Students
The Study Abroad Guide for First-Gen Students 
Navigating Study Abroad as a First-Gen Student 

Diversity and Inclusion
Underrepresented Students and Study Abroad 
Travel Noire: Global Community of Black Travelers 
Study Abroad for LGBTQI+ Students 
LGBTQI+ Country-Specific Guide

Budget Travel 
International Student Identity Card 
STA Travel 
Student Universe 
Hostelling International 

For Parents 
Parent Guide to Study Abroad
Communication Tips
Parents Guide to Health Insurance for Study Abroad

Additional Resources

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