Specialized Journalism (M.A.) Careers

Here’s a brief snapshot of where some of our recent Specialized Journalism (M.A.) and Specialized Journalism (The Arts) (M.A.) alumni are working: 

Al Jazeera America, Producer, News and Current Affairs 
Alaska Public Telecommunications Inc., Reporter
CBS News, News Associate
Central Washington University, Journalism Professor
CNN, Editorial Producer
CNN, Producer 
Creators Syndicate, Editor
Desert Sun Media Group, Investigative Reporter
Indian Express, Assistant Editor 
KPFK 90.7 FM, Production Assistant 
Long Beach Post, Executive Editor 
Los Feliz Ledger, Arts & Culture reporter / Calendar editor 
MyActions.org, Social Media & Content Specialist 
PBS Mediashift, Writer 
Ranker.com, Digital Content Editor 
Santa Monica Museum of Art, External Affairs Coordinator 
Sky & Telescope Magazine, Summer Science Writing Intern 
The Salvation Army, Managing Editor 
Trailer Talk, Independent Broadcast Media, Artist, Producer/Host 
Tribune, Television Correspondent 
Universal Pictures, Media Marketing Assistant 
University of Texas at Austin, Editor