Global Communication Student Jonell Yablonski
Global Communication Student Jonell Yablonski

Meet Jonell Yablonski

Name: Jonell Yablonski

Hometown: Mexico, New York

Undergraduate/Graduate Institutions: Syracuse University, Université de Strasbourg

Prior Work Experience: I have previously worked as a Media Intern in the Office of Senator Charles E. Schumer, a Personal Assistant for a Talent Management Agency in North Hollywood, a Production Assistant for a Marketing and Public Relations Firm, and I have also taught K-12 curriculum in several classrooms across the United States and abroad.

Main Area of Interest: International Education Development

Extracurricular Activities: Annenberg Graduate Student Representatives; USC ReadersPLUS; USC Young Scientists Program (spring 2016 intern)

Favorite thing about USC Annenberg:  It is truly hard to pick just one favorite thing – between the incredible USC Annenberg faculty and staff, the wondrous networking opportunities available for students, and the state-of-the-art learning facilities, USC Annenberg truly culminates a learning environment where students and faculty can work collaboratively to achieve lasting, global change.

Favorite thing about Los Angeles: As someone who enjoys staying active and playing outside in the warm, Southern California sunshine, it is always easy to find tons of fun, free and low-cost activities to keep a busy bee like myself entertained!