Global Communication Student Hyunju (Jayne) Kim
Global Communication Student Hyunju (Jayne) Kim

Meet Hyunju (Jayne) Kim

Name: Hyunju (Jayne) Kim

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Undergraduate Institution: New York University Tisch School of the Arts

Prior Work Experience: I worked at a research and consulting firm specializing in children's media in New York. Then in South Korea I worked at a film studio handling marketing for Paramount, DreamWorks, and Studio Ghibli films, producing for U.S./Korea co-productions, and producing immersive movie content for a new multi-screen cinema business.

Main Area of Interest: Entertainment

Extracurricular Activities: I am a Research Associate at a community engagement and media research center at USC; I assist/intern for a Professor with social media research; I am also part of a campus church/bible study group.

Twitter: @zigizu

Favorite thing about USC Annenberg: Definitely the industry networks – all the new job posts and career resources provided regularly via email and industry speaker sessions for networking (including free lunch sessions!). After the amazing academic experience at LSE, the more career-focused program at USC is a great balance to re-focus my energy towards my career. I also appreciate the digital lab that provides free classes such as Adobe Illustrator. I also like the fact that many of the courses assign group projects, training students to work with each other and build networks/relationships.

Favorite thing about Los Angeles: The slow pace of life. I know some Angelenos think it's fast, but as a former Seoulite and New Yorker (and Londoner), LA is definitely more chill and I love that.