Global Communication Graduate Hélène Barrot
Global Communication Graduate Hélène Barrot

Meet Hélène Barrot

Name: Hélène Barrot

Graduation Year: 2008

Hometown: Yssingeaux, France

Current Residence: Paris, France

Current Position: Head of B2B PR, Google EMEA. In my current role, I lead public relations for Google's business products and operations (advertising and cloud) across Europe. My responsibilities involve setting objectives and developing campaigns for local in-house PR managers and external agencies, as well as managing issues and advising Google's senior leadership on strategy and crisis management.

Favorite thing about USC Annenberg: The work we did for "real" businesses and organizations as part of the program. My top memory is a communications consulting project we did for the L.A. chapter of the American Cancer Society. Their public relations team had asked us to develop a plan targeting underserved LGBT communities in the Los Angeles area. It was my first experience conducting field research and I really enjoyed roaming the streets of Hollywood, running surveys and interviewing cancer survivors to try and better understand the issue at hand and identify the most appropriate solutions, messages and channels. Definitely a career-shaping moment for me!

Favorite thing about Los Angeles: The legendary Venice Beach drum circle where I spent my first birthday in L.A. with Trojans from across the world.