Learning Objectives

You will gain a broad understanding of the underlying social science theories and the human behaviors that underpin human activity in the digital sector. Overall, you will develop expertise in the practical skills, critical knowledge, and state-of-the-art strategies to succeed in a cutting-edge career in the digital and social media sectors, whether focused on a business, nonprofit, activity, product, service or opportunity. Upon completion of the program you will have:

1. learned how to be successful in using social media for marketing, public relations and monetizing products and services in the digital age; and learned the tools of evaluating their product and their strategies through digital analytics and research methodology;

2. learned how to use currently available platforms and tools (such as social networks, mobile apps, microblogging platforms, and sharing technologies) and use these strategically to enhance the efforts of their products or clients;

3. gained knowledge about the use of social media and other digital strategies to engage audiences in digital products, businesses, sites and apps;

4. developed expertise in the challenges and strategies for success in transitioning a business or product to digital;

5. designed and executed a rigorous, portfolio-building, capstone project.