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USC Annenberg Researchers at Internet Governance Forum

The governance regime of the Internet is one of the most controversial topics in international communication today. Last week, key representatives from governments, civil society and the private sector gathered in João Pessoa, Brazil, to discuss issues ranging from how to connect the next billion to how to protect privacy online. Organized by the UN, the meeting (known as the Internet Governance Forum, or IGF) drew thousands of people from around the world. Among them were two members of the USC Annenberg Research Network on International Communication (ARNIC), Professor Hernan Galperin and doctoral student Nathalie Maréchal.

Prof. Galperin participated in panel discussions about the implications of zero-rating broadband services, the need for improving the collection of ICT data, and the balance between access and privacy rights. He also presented the findings of his recent report, Internet Policy Formation in Latin America. Doctoral student Nathalie Maréchal moderated a roundtable workshop on “Benchmarking ICT companies on digital rights,” bringing together a geographically diverse range of NGO’s and researchers to share experiences and perspectives on creating projects to rank or rate ICT companies. Discussants included representatives from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Access Now, Fundación Karisma, Open Net Korea, and Ranking Digital Rights. Ranking Digital Rights recently released its inaugural Corporate Accountability Index, to which Maréchal contributed.