Doctoral Student Yu Xu
Doctoral Student Yu Xu

Meet Yu Xu

Name: Yu Xu

Year: Second

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Undergraduate/Graduate Institutions: Fudan University; Tsinghua University

Research Area: Social networks; organizational communication; political communication and social movements; computational methods

Publications and/or conference presentations while at USC Annenberg: My work has been published in African Journalism Studies, Chinese Journal of Journalism and Communication (in Chinese), and Global Media Journal (in Chinese). I presented my papers at major conferences in the field of communication (ICA, NCA, WAPOR, IAMCR), management (AOM, IACMR), network analysis (INSNA Sunbelt), and sociology (ASA).


Favorite thing about USC Annenberg: Annenberg provides students with opportunities to conduct interdisciplinary research that explains communication phenomena.