Doctoral Graduate Young Ji Kim
Doctoral Graduate Young Ji Kim

Meet Young Ji Kim

Name: Young Ji Kim

Graduation Year: 2014

Current Position: Postdoctoral Associate, Center for Collective Intelligence, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Area: Collective intelligence, team collaboration, online credibility, online social influence

Recent Publications and Presentations:

Kim, Y. J. & Hollingshead, A. B. (2015). Online social influence: Past, present, and future. Communication Yearbook 39, p. 163-192.

Engel, D., Woolley, A. W., Aggarwal, I., Chabris, C. F., Takahashi, M., Nemoto, K., Kaiser, C., Kim, Y. J., & Malone, T. W. (2015). Collective intelligence in computer-mediated collaboration emerges in different contexts and cultures. Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2015), Seoul, Korea.

Woolley, A. W., Kim, Y. J., & Aggarwal, I. (2015). Using technologies to reliably measure collective intelligence of teams. Paper presented at the 2015 INGRoup Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.

Kim, Y. J., Engel, D., Woolley, A. W., Lin, J., McArthur, N., & Malone, T. W. (2015). Work together, play smart: Collective intelligence in League of Legends teams. Paper presented at the 2015 Collective Intelligence Conference, Santa Clara, CA.

Kim Y. J., Engel, D., Aggarwal, I., Woolley, A. W., & Malone, T. W. (2015). Retention of participants in online collective intelligence tests involving a panel design. Panel presented at the 2015 annual convention of the International Communication Association. San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Ph.D. Dissertation: "Social Motivation and Credibility in Crowdfunding." Through in-depth interviews and experiments, I examined how social motivation (prosocial or proself motivation) affects individuals' information processing, particularly credibility evaluation, and their behaviors in the context of crowdfunding.

Website/Twitter: / @youngjikim

Favorite thing about USC Annenberg: The faculty and students care about and study the world we live in, beyond the laboratory.