Doctoral Student Xam Chan
Doctoral Student Xam Chan

Meet Xam Chan

Xam Chan is the International Student Representative for the Annenberg Communication Graduate Student Association (ACGSA)

Year: Third

Hometown: Hong Kong

Undergraduate/Graduate Institutions: The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Goldsmiths, University of London

Research Area: Digital intimacy, queer theory, advertising

Publications/presentations while at USC Annenberg: My latest article on nation branding will be published in Critical Studies in Media Communication. I have also published in the International Journal of Communication and the International Journal of Interactive Communication Systems and Technologies. I presented my research on digital intimacy at ICA (International Communication Association) and NCA (National Communication Association), two major conferences in the field.


Favorite thing about USC Annenberg: Annenberg has very strong research and administrative support. All you need is to ask for it.