Doctoral Student Wei Wang
Doctoral Student Wei Wang

Meet Wei Wang

Name: Wei Wang

Year: ABD

Hometown: Xuancheng, Anhui, China

Undergraduate/Graduate Institutions: Peking University; Columbia University

Research Areas: political economy of communication; rural China studies

Dissertation Topic: communication and agrarian change in rural China

Book Chapters:

  • Hong, Yu, & Wang, Wei. (2015) "Embracing Communication: China's Post-2008 Economic Restructuring and Labor." The Routledge Companion to Labor and Media, Ed. Richard Maxwell. (New York: Routledge).
  • Yang, Guobin, & Wang, Wei. (accepted) "The Political Styles of Online Activism in China," New Perspectives on Asian Cultural and Media Studies, Ed. Daniel Black, Olivia Khoo, and Koichi Iwabuchi.


  • The Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, Seattle, WA, April 2016. "Empowering China's Farmers: The Role of Information and Communication Technology."
  • The American Sociological Association Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA, August 2014. "The Opportunity Structures and Cultural Schemas of Online Collective Action: The Case of China."
  • The 12th Chinese Internet Research Conference, Hong Kong, June 2014. "The culture of technological entrepreneurs in China's mobile application development industry."
  • The Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, Seattle, WA, May 2014. "The Opportunity Structures and Cultural Schemas of Online Collective Action: The Case of China"; "Regional Disparities in Policies on the Mobile Internet Industry in China."
  • Labor and Global Solidarity - The U.S., China, and Beyond, New York, August 2013. "Chinese Labor NGOs and the Solidarity of Migrant Workers."
  • China and the New Internet World: The 11th Chinese Internet Research Conference, Oxford, UK, June 2013. "The Myth of Information Spreading on Social Media."

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