Doctoral student Matt Bui
Doctoral student Matt Bui

Meet Matt Bui

Matt Bui is the Vice President and GSG Representative of the Annenberg Communication Graduate Student Association (ACGSA)


Name: Matthew (Matt) Bui

Year: Second

Hometown: Fountain Valley, CA

Undergraduate/Graduate Institutions: UCLA, LSE

Research Areas: digital inequalities, digital policy, digital interventions, technology for social change, ICT4D, university campus climate/racial politics

Publications & Conference Presentations while at USC Annenberg:

Bui, M.N., Sidnam, E., & Helsper, E.J. (2016, June). Why theory matters: Making the case for collaboration between academics and policymakers in the future of Internet policy. Paper presented to the International Communication Association (ICA) Pre-conference “Communication, power, and Internet governance,” Fukuoka, Japan. 

Bui, M.N. (2016, April). When sports meet politics: The centrality of college athletes in Mizzou connective action. Paper presented to the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) Conference, Newport Beach, CA.

Student Research Groups/Extracurricular Involvement: ARNIC (Annenberg Research Network on International Communication), Metamorphosis Project, ACGSA Executive Board, Graduate Student Government (GSG), InterVarsity Graduate Fellowship, intramural sports

Website/Twitter: / @matthew_bui

Favorite thing about USC Annenberg: Being able to investigate my research interests within the city of LA, a case study for the future of diverse urban contexts, and a hotbed for issues of diversity, inclusion, and social change.