Doctoral Graduate Katrina L. Pariera
Doctoral Graduate Katrina L. Pariera

Meet Katrina L. Pariera

Name: Katrina L. Pariera

Graduation Year: 2014

Current Position: Assistant Professor of Communication at The George Washington University

Research Area: Sexual Communication

Recent Publications:

Pariera, K.L. (in press) "Barriers and catalysts to parent-child sexual communication," Journal of Family Communication.

Pariera, K.L. (in press) "The communication of sexual norms," Contemporary Studies of Sexuality & Communication, ed. C.M. Noland & J. Manning. (Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt).

Pariera, K.L. (2014) "Perceived effects of instructional pornography on the self, partner, and others," Sexual and Relationship Therapy.

Ph.D. Dissertation: "The Influence of a Humorous Intervention on Parent-Child Sexual Communication" (Chair: Sheila Murphy)


Favorite thing about USC Annenberg: The wonderful friends I made, the brilliant faculty I got to work with, and the close proximity to Armando's Lunch Truck.