Doctoral Graduate George Villanueva teaches at Loyola University Chicago.
Doctoral Graduate George Villanueva teaches at Loyola University Chicago.

Meet George Villanueva

Name: George Villanueva

Graduation Year: 2014

Current Position: Assistant Professor of Advocacy and Social Change, School of Communication, Loyola University Chicago

Research Areas: Advocacy and Social Change; Engaged Scholarship; Community-Based Research; Urban Communication; Visual Communication; Urban Planning and Development; Democracy; Space and Place; Public Culture; Cultural Anthropology; Race and Ethnicity

Recent Publications and Lectures:

Villanueva, G. (2016). Filipinos for Garcetti: Ethnic Political Organizing and Asian American Civic Engagement in Cities. Asian American Policy Review. Volume 26 (Spring forthcoming).

Villanueva, G. (2016, February). Engaged Communication Research for Advocacy and Social Change: Reimagining Urban Space in L.A.'s Diverse Communities. Invited seminar lecture at the Center for Urban Research and Learning, Chicago, IL.

Stokes, B., Villanueva, G., Bar, F., and Ball-Rokeach, S.J.  (2015).  Mobile Design as Neighborhood Acupuncture: Activating the Storytelling Networks of South L.A.  Journal of Urban Technology. 22(3), 55-77.

Villanueva, G. Ball-Rokeach, S.J., Gonzalez, C., Moreno, E., Son, M., and Liu, W. (2014) Northeast Los Angeles Riverfront Collaborative Lessons Learned and Community Engagement Toolkit. L.A. City Economic and Workforce Development Department. 

Ph.D. Dissertation: The Impact of Engaged Communication Scholarship on the Re-imagination of Space and Place in South L.A.


Twitter: @engageLAspaces

Instagram: @engageLAspaces

Favorite thing about USC Annenberg: The research center culture that permeates the school and the fact that it is in my hometown of Los Angeles.