Doctoral Student Diana Lee
Doctoral Student Diana Lee

Meet Diana Lee

Name: Diana Lee

Year: Fourth; ABD

Undergraduate/Graduate Institutions: University of California, Berkeley; Harvard Graduate School of Education; New York University

Research Areas: Cultural Studies; Racial Microaggressions; Participatory Politics; Media Literacies; Critical Pedagogy

Dissertation Topic: The creation and circulation of counter-narratives to racial microaggressions.

Publications and Conference Presentations while at USC Annenberg: I have published work about media literacy, identity development, and civic engagement resources for educators, and Asian and Asian American representation in popular culture. I have presented on mediated resistance practices to everyday racism at the Digital Media and Learning conference, and in June, at the upcoming International Communication Association conference.

Student Research Groups: Media, Activism, and Participatory Politics (MAPP); The Critical Media Project

Twitter: @MsDianaLee

Favorite thing about USC Annenberg: The depth and breadth of people, ideas, and opportunities I have been connected with while being here. I am fortunate to be working with so many talented and generous mentors and friends, and am constantly being inspired by their creative and impactful multi-disciplinary pursuits.