Doctoral Student Brittany Farr
Doctoral Student Brittany Farr

Meet Brittany Farr

Name: Brittany Farr

Year: 6th; ABD

Hometown: West Grove, PA

Undergraduate Institution: Harvard College

Research Areas: Media Studies; Critical Race Theory; Feminist Theory

Dissertation Topic: The legacy of the 1965 Moynihan Report in legislation, public policy, and popular culture.

Recent publications and presentations:

Netflix’s “Trojan Horse”: The Intersection of Entertainment and Prison Industries on Orange is the New Black. In K.P. McDonald & D. Smith-Rowsey (Eds.), The Netflix Effect. New York: Bloomsbury. (forthcoming) 

Selling and Solving Domestic Violence: The Ethics of Mediated Violence and Identification. International Communication Association, San Juan. May 21-25, 2015

Farr, B. 2015. Contagious Blackness: Michelle Obama’s Performances of (Post)Black Motherhood and Her Campaign Against Childhood Obesity. Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Montreal. March 25-29, 2015

Student Research Groups: Summer Doctoral Institute for Difference in Media and Culture; ASE Black Diasporas Research Cluster

Twitter: @BrittanyAFarr

Favorite thing about USC Annenberg: The faculty. My committee members have been incredibly supportive throughout my time here. Their guidance and patience allowed me to develop a truly interdisciplinary dissertation project.