Annenberg in Prague at ICA

Over 40 USC Annenberg doctoral students (as well as Comm School faculty and alums, who are noted here when collaborating with current students) presented their work at the International Communication Association conference in late May. The annual gathering of communication scholars was held this year in Prague.


Thomas J. Billard (ABD), The Influence of Pornography Viewing on Attitudes toward Transgender People among Men Who are Attracted to Transgender Women

Thomas J. Billard, Setting the Transgender Agenda: Intermedia Agenda-Setting in the Digital News Environment

Lik Sam Chan (PhD 2018), Liberating or Disciplining? A Technofeminist Analysis of the Use of Dating Apps among Women in Urban China

Lik Sam Chan, Performing Chinese Masculinities on Dating Apps: Interpretations, Self-Presentations, and Interactions

Frances (Franny) Corry (Third Year), Measuring Social Media Time through Expectancy Violations Theory: Chronemic Expectancy Violations on Facebook

Ignacio Cruz (Fourth Year) & Jillian Kwong (Fourth Year), Everybody’s a Critic: Exploring Centrality and Social Influence on Yelp

Nathaniel (Ming) Curran (Third Year), Financial Literacy as Human Capital: Self-Responsibility in the Age of Neoliberal Governmentality

Jenna Gibson & Nathaniel (Ming) Curran, Conflict and Responsibility: A Content Analysis of American Media Organizations’ Framing of the Korean Peninsula in 2016

Caitlin Joy Dobson (Second Year), Backlash against Globalization: Implications of Globalization and Its Impact on Gender-Based Violence and Gang Rape within the Context of India

Aram A. Sinnreich (PhD 2007), Michelle C. Forelle (ABD), & Patricia A. Aufderheide, Copyright Givers and Takers: Mutuality, Altruism and Instrumentalism in Open Licensing

Traci Gillig (ABD), Thomas W. Valente, & Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati, Communal Coping with Individual Identity? Social Support, LGBTQ Identity, and Depressive Symptoms in Latino/a Teens

Traci Gillig & Leila Bighash (PhD 2018), Does Gender Matter? Exploring Friendship Patterns of LGBTQ Youth in a Gender-Neutral Environment

Christina Hagen (ABD), Leila Bighash, Professor Andrea B. Hollingshead, Sonia Jawaid Shaikh (ABD), & Kristen Steves Alexander (Sixth Year), Why are You Watching Us? Decisions about Video Surveillance in Organizations

Hye Min Kim (Third Year), News Influence Perception on Social Media: Exploring the Predictors and Outcomes of Presumed Media Influence

Hye Min Kim, Paul Robert Appleby, John L. Christensen, & Professor Lynn Carol Miller, Parental Rejection and Shame: The Mediating Role of Emotional Bonding in Romantic Relationship Among YMSM

Yeon Kyoung Joo, Hyun Tae (Calvin) Kim (Fourth Year), & Hailey Hyun-kyung Oh, A “Soft” Digital Divide? Modeling the Effects of Political Communication on Political Self-Expression(s) in the Digital Space

James Lee (ABD), Design Choices in the Independent Creative Production of Webcomics

Lauren Levitt (ABD), Divergent Fan Forums and Political Consciousness Raising

Aimei Yang, Adam J. Saffer, & Yiqi (Iona) Li (Third Year), Doing Business in a Politically Polarized Society: An Expectation Violation Theory Approach to CSR-Based Challenge Crises

Professor Patricia Riley, Yiqi (Iona) Li, Jingyi Sun (Third Year), Kristen Guth (PhD 2017), & Sierra Bray (Second Year), Startups in Entertainment: Exporting More Than Movies

Eric Gordon & Rogelio Alejandro Lopez (ABD), The Practice of Civic Tech: Tensions in the Adoption and Use of Technologies in Community-Based Organizations

Anna Loup (Third Year), In Defense of the “Helminthiasis”: A Technofeminist Reading of the 1988 Internet Worm

Anna Loup & Thomas J. Billard (ABD), A Content Analytic Study of Media Indexing in the Context of Transgender Rights

Kate Miltner (ABD), “Think Like a Computer:" An Ethnographic Study of Designers-in-Training at a “New Collar” Coding School

Rachel Elizabeth Moran (ABD) & Matthew N. Bui (Fourth Year), Race, Ethnicity, and Communications Policy: Centering Communities of Color and Their Concerns

Deborah Neffa Creech (ABD), Marina Litvinsky (ABD), Evelyn Moreno, Briana Ellerbe (Third Year), & Professor Sandra J. Ball-Rokeach, Communication Networks, Worry, and Belonging among Newer and More Established Residents in a Gentrifying Neighborhood

Tyler Quick (Second Year), Fantasized, yet Depoliticized: Visions of Gay Italy in Call Me by Your Name

Tyler Quick, Public Homoeroticism and Mimetic Desire on Instagram

Paromita Sengupta (Fourth Year), Dying for a Good Laugh: Gallows Humor in the Age of Black Lives Matter

Paromita Sengupta, “Every Joke is a Tiny Revolution”: The Use of Ridicule in the #HokKolorob Movement

Lauren Sowa (Third Year), TV’s Female Detectives: Investigating the Representation of Women in the 2013–2014 Crime Drama Season

Lee Shaker, Paul Falzone, Paul Sparks (Second Year), & Ruth Kugumikiriza, From the Studio to the Street: Cultivating Democratic Norms in Uganda

Jingyi Sun (Third Year), China’s Traditional Media Organizations’ Adoption of WeChat Public Platform: Citation Network, Exploitation and Exploration

Jingyi Sun, Micro-Finance Crowdfunding for Developing Countries: Values as Information Public Goods

Yao Sun (ABD) & Ann Majchrzak, Knowledge Integration in Crowdsourcing for Innovation: The Temporal Effects of Different Types of Knowledge Contribution

Nathan Walter (PhD 2018) & Jonathan Cohen, The Effects of Cognitive and Metacognitive Input in Narrative Persuasion

Nathan Walter & Professor Sheila Murphy, On Debunking Misinformation: A Meta-Analytic Approach

Nathan Walter, Professor Sandra J. Ball-Rokeach, Yu Xu (ABD), & Garrett Manuel Broad (PhD 2013), Communication Ecologies: Analyzing Adoption of False Beliefs in an Information-Rich Environment

Liyuan (Leah) Wang (Third Year), Ashley Brown, Stephen J. Read, & Professor Lynn Carol Miller, Who You are Can Predict What You Choose to Say on a Virtual Date

Grace Yuehan Wang (Fourth Year) & Professor Dmitri Williams, What Affects Entrepreneurs' Social Support Needs?

Yunwen Wang (Second Year) & William Bart Collins, An Examination of Mobile Fitness Applications on Features and Adoption: A Reasoned Action Approach

Sarah Myers West (PhD 2018), A Cultural History of Public Key Cryptography

Sarah Myers West & Professor Mike Ananny, The Emergence of Journalistic Security: A History of Risk in Early-Internet Reporting Cultures

Yu Xu (ABD), Yao Sun (ABD), Larry Zhiming Xu (ABD), Professor Peter Monge, Professor Janet Fulk, & Alessandro Lomi, Networks within Crowds: Investigating the Formation of Multidimensional and Multilevel Networks in Online Crowdsourcing

Yu Xu , Yao Sun, & Ignacio Cruz (Fourth Year), Finding the Path to Success: An Examination of Expertise, Exploration and Exploitation, and Creativity Performance in a Crowdsourcing Platform

Yusi Aveva Xu (ABD), Let’s Grab That Red Pocket: The Reinvention of an Ancient Chinese Tradition in Digital Times

Yusi Aveva Xu, Lik Sam Chan (PhD 2018), & Professor Margaret L. McLaughlin, Exploring the Relationship between Familism and the Intent to Practice Safe Sex among Chinese Women Living in the USA: An Integrative Model of Behavioral Prediction Approach

Larry Zhiming Xu (ABD), Matthew Sargent, Yu Xu (ABD), Jingyi Sun (Third Year), Yiqi (Iona) Li (Third Year), Professor Peter Monge, & Professor Janet Fulk, Simple Tags, Profound Influences: Explicating Social Tagging as Multilevel Expertise in a Crowdsourcing Design Community

Bei Yan (PhD 2018), Professor Lian Jian, Ruqin Ren (ABD), Professor Janet Fulk, Emily Sidnam (Fourth Year), & Professor Peter Monge, What Makes the Crowd Wise? The Effect of Crowd Structures on the Wisdom of Crowds in Collective Evaluation Tasks

Sulafa S. Zidani (Third Year), Not Arabi nor Ajnabi: How Laughing with the West Created a New Form of Arabic Humor