Annenberg in Philadelphia for the NCA Convention

Later this week, USC Annenberg doctoral students will be in Philadelphia for the convention of the National Communication Association. On Thursday, November 10 through Saturday, November 12, over two dozen current students (as well as faculty and alums) will present their work at the annual gathering of communication scholars:


Ruthie Kelly (Third Year), The Power of "Madam Secretary": Experimental Evidence of Media Effects of a Woman Politician in a Prime-Time Television Drama

Professor Patricia Riley, Christy Hagen (Fourth Year), Theo Mazumdar (ABD), Jillian Kwong (Second Year), Ignacio Cruz (Second Year), Hyun Tae (Calvin) Kim (Second Year), Yuehan (Grace) Wang (Second Year), Kristen Guth (ABD), Terrorism Disruption through Hashtag Hijacking

Kari Storla (ABD), Waving the white ribbon: The Woman's Christian Temperance Union's fight for higher age of consent laws and the balance between surrendering to and subverting gender ideologies

Xin Wang (Fifth Year), Applying a Gendered Lens to Climate Change-Migration Nexus: A Case Study of Forced Environmental Migration on Tibetan Plateau

Professor Patricia Riley, Christy Hagen (Fourth Year), Theo Mazumdar (ABD), Jillian Kwong (Second Year), Ignacio Cruz (Second Year), Hyun Tae (Calvin) Kim (Second Year), Kristen Guth (ABD), Professor Tom Hollihan, Building ISIS' Future: Organizational Legitimacy through Narrative Storytelling and Technology

Samantha Close (ABD), The Subcultural Entrepreneurship of Folk Marxism in American Crafting

Sonia Jawaid Shaikh (Third Year) (with team from Michigan State, including Franklin Boster, Rain Wuyu Liu, Ying Cheng, Wonkyung Kim), The Suasory Force of Sticky Messages: An Application to the Application of Sunscreen

Stefanie Demetriades (Third Year), Ambivalence as Comic Corrective: A Burkean Analysis of Sarah Koenig's Serial

Marcia Allison (Fifth Year), Hypothesizing Government Mandated Parental Leave for the U.S.

Bei Yan (ABD), Chair, Going Virtual: Communication and Interaction in Distributed Groups

Tyler Hiebert (Second Year), The Death of the Medicine Man

Yue Yang (Fourth Year), From Threat to Affect: Emotional Effects of News Representation of Doctors in China

Kristen Guth (ABD), Bowling Online in Leagues: Predictors of Individual Involvement with Organizations Online

Ruthie Kelly (Third Year), Analyzing Online Rhetoric toward Refugees in the Wake of ISIS Terrorism Attacks in Paris: Insights from Kenneth Burke

Prawit Thainiyom (ABD), A Content Analysis of Online Petitions: The Framing of Health Social Movements to Predict Online Participation

Nahoi Koo (ABD), Integrating Network Theories and Analysis into Research on Entrepreneurship

Paromita Sengupta (Second Year), "Every Joke is a Tiny Revolution": Hok Kolorob and the Rhetoric of Ridicule

Yu Xu (Third Year), A Network Approach to Understanding Framing and Social Movements: The Case of the People's Climate March

Professor Margaret McLaughlin, Mina Park (ABD), Yao Sun (Fourth Year), Propagation of Texts and Images Promoting Unhealthy Behavior on Social Media

Ignacio Cruz (Second Year), Rachel Moran (Second Year), Exploring Persuasive Techniques in Political Phone Bank Calling: Applying Theory to Practice through Content Analysis

Ignacio Cruz (Second Year), The Flipside of Cybervetting: Utilizing Narrative Persuasion to Assess Person-Organization Fit Among Job Seekers

Sonia Jawaid Shaikh (Third Year), Chair, Communication and Team Effectiveness

Emily Sidnam-Mauch (Second Year), Social Media, Social Feedback, and Self-Concepts: Exploring Users' Experiences and Potential Dysfunctions of Digital Self-Presentation

Kari Storla (ABD), Respondent, Menstruation, Memetic Vernacular, and Social Movement: A Modern Standpoint for Women and Feminism

Yusi (Aveva) Xu (Third Year), Who owns the classroom: The dystopia of solidarity in times of post-modernity: A critical reading on the self-representation of volunteering teachers in contemporary China