Annenberg at NCA 2022

USC Annenberg doctoral students, faculty, and alumni will present at the National Communication Association (NCA) convention, being held in New Orleans November 17 - 20, 2022. The annual convention brings communication scholars from across the country together to share their work.



8:00 am

Magdalayna Drivas (First Year)
Make Me Pretty: The Role of Customization in the Effects of Attractive Avatar Use on Self-Image

Becky Pham (ABD)
Connections and disjunctures in public discourse on digital media risks and parenting ideology in Vietnam

Lichen Zhen (ABD), Nathaniel Curran (PhD 2020), and Associate Professor Hernan Galperin
Factors Driving Teacher Selection in the Gig Economy Language Platforms: An Experiment-Based Approach

11:00 am

Soyun Ahn (ABD)
Santiago in Korea: Hybrid Media and the Modern Remaking of an Ancient Pilgrimage

Robin Nabi (UCSB), Stefanie Demetriades (PhD 2020), Nathan Walter (PhD 2018), Li Qi (UCSB), and Laurent H. Wang (UCSB)
Media Prescriptions for Goal Achievement: The differential effect of inspiring versus humorous content

Molly Frizzell (Second Year)
Francophone, Anglophone, or Allophone? Media and the Politics of Identity in Quebec

Jessica Hatrick (ABD) and Simogne Hudson (ABD) 
Abolitionism and Communication Studies: A Framework for Community Advocacy and Liberation (panel) 

Eugene Jang (Third Year), Yuanfeixue Nan (ABD), and Assistant Professor Lindsay Young
Hashtags as Discursive Agents: An analysis of hashtag community structure and brokerage in the Twitter Black Trans Lives Matter movement 

Jermaine Anthony Richards (Second Year)
If Madonna Calls, We Won’t Be Here: Understanding Vogue’s Foreground Success and the Background Decay of Chicago and Harlem

12:30 pm

Ignacio Cruz (PhD 2021)
Technology, Transformation, and the Future of Work (Chair)

Magdalayna Drivas (First Year), Maranda Marie Berndt (Penn State), and Olivia Reed (Penn State)
The effects of viewing food diary TikTok videos on body image and intent to diet

Yuanfeixue Nan (ABD)
Let’s support each other: An exploratory analysis of online discussion forums for social anxiety disorder

Yuanfeixue Nan (ABD)
Understanding Social Anxiety on Social Media: A Step Toward Scale Development  

2:00 pm

Eugene Lee (Third Year) and Assistant Professor Marlon Twyman
The Effects of Manager Status, Maturity, and Experience Diversity on Organizational Performance

Junyi Lv (ABD)
Energy Museums in Moto: Heterotopia, Orthotopia, and Energotopia 

Javier Rivera (Third Year)
“Hey Dude Come Here!”: Queer Latinx Excess on TikTok and the Production of Queer of Color Publicities

3:30 pm

Maximilian Brichta (ABD)
Fanning Money: The cultural economy and participatory politics of Dogecoin

Stefanie Demetriades (PhD 2020), Nathan Walter (PhD 2018), Rod M. Abhari (Northwestern), and Emoke-Agnes Horvat (Northwestern)
Dying to Fit In: How Interpersonal Network Structures and Conversations Shape Covid-19 Vaccine Acceptance, Knowledge, and Conspiracy Beliefs

Mary Beth Oliver (Penn State), Morgan Ellithorpe (Univ of Delaware), Olivia Reed (Penn State), Meghan S. Sanders (Louisiana State Univ), Maranda Marie Berndt (Penn State), Bingbing Zhang (Penn State), Magdalayna Drivas (First Year)
Elevation and Feelings of Closeness to Partisan Others Among a U.S. Sample in Response to Inspiring Media Messages from a Partisan Source

Associate Professor Aimei Yang (School of Journalism), Alvin Zhou (Univ of Minnesota), Jieun Shin (PhD 2016), Ke Maddie Huang-Isherwood (Third Year), Wenlin Liu (PhD 2016), Chuqing Dong (Michigan State Univ), Eugene Lee (Third Year), Jingyi Sun (PhD 2021)
Sharing is Caring? How Moral Foundation Frames Drive the Sharing of Corrective Messages and Misinformation about COVID-19 Vaccines

Mingxuan Liu (ABD)
Embodied Better Self: An Integrated Model Examining Long-Term Implications of Video Game Use on Psychological Well-being through Self-Concept Change

Junyi Lv (ABD)
From Fossil Fuels to Food: Transforming Energy Spheres of Coal Communities in the U.S. and China

Jingfang Liu (PhD 2012), Junyi Lv (ABD), and Yi Rong (Queen's Univ)
A Study on the Media Discourse of Asian Elephants’ Northward Migration in Yunnan, China 



8:00 am

Eduardo Gonzalez (ABD)
The Perils of Water Borders: Syrian and Salvadoran Refugees in Turkey and Mexico 

Eugene Lee (Third Year) and Ali Omrani (Viterbi)
Moral Foundations and Prosocial Behaviors in Crowdfunding Campaigns for Nonprofit Organizations

11:00 am

Ignacio Cruz (PhD 2021)
What’s the Big IDEA? Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access in Human Communication Technology Research (Presenter)

Jiaxi Wu (Boston Univ), Yunwen Kathy Wang (ABD), Aveva Yusi Xu (PhD 2021), Jessica Fetterman (Boston Univ), Traci Hong (PhD 2002) 
Morally Driven and Emotionally Fueled: The Interactive Effects of Values and Emotions in the Social Transmission of Information Endorsing E-cigarettes 

12:30 pm

Sangil Jung (Global Communication) and Donggyu Kim (First Year)
Why Have I Hated Chinese Koreans? Analysis of the Hate Consumption Process of Online Community Users through Grounded Theory Method 

3:30 pm

Jessica Hatrick (ABD) 
Decolonizing assessment: Exploring “place” of grades in the communication classroom (panel) 

Jack Lipei Tang (ABD) and Elena Yifei Zhao (Digital Social Media)
Longitudinal Analysis of an Issue Influencer Communication Network: How Non-political Influencers and Regular Users Connectively Oppose a Contentious Gender Policy



9:30 am

Molly Frizzell (Second Year) 
Kitesurf Tourism: Promoting Sport and “Spot” through Practices of (Self-)Orientalism

Professor Lynn Miller
Health Communication Collaboration Space Panel #2 (Co-Chair)

Zituo Wang (Digital Social Media)
The athlete is the sport: How Chinese audiences watch the Winter Olympics on social media

11:00 am

Professor Hector Amaya, Nicole Bush (Third Year), Ignacio Cruz (PhD 2021), Eduardo Gonzalez (ABD)
La Raza Mentorship Panel

Amber Lynn Scott (ABD), William Howe (Univ of Kentucky), & Ryan Bisel (Univ of Oklahoma) 
Communicating Safety is No Accident: Reviewing High Reliability Team (HRT) Scholarship in the 21st Century

12:30 pm

Adjunct Lecturer Chelsea Graham
The Place of the Powerful: Tourism, Nature, and Resistance in Yellowstone National Park

Lichen Zhen (ABD) and Nathaniel Curran (PhD 2020) 
Tragedy or farce? Chinese netizens' nationalist and populist discursive construction of American political theater

2:00 pm

Stefanie Demetriades (PhD 2020), Eduardo Gonzalez (ABD)
Honoring PLACE and Creating Space for Mentorship and Community-Building in the International and Intercultural Communication Division

Professor G. Thomas Goodnight 
Warranted Ontology: Taking it to the End of the Line

3:30 pm

Associate Professor Robin Stevens 
Honoring Community: Advocating for Liberation Through Community-Centered Scholarship (presenter)



8:00 am

Sukyoung Choi (ABD), Chul-joo Lee (Seoul National Univ), Andrew Park (Seoul National Univ), & Jung Ah Lee (Seoul National Univ)
How the Public Makes Sense of Artificial Intelligence: The Interplay Between Communication and Discrete Emotions

Isabel DeLano (Third Year) 
Criminal: Feminism and e-EUtopia in Netflix's Legal Drama

Ana Howe Bukowski (ABD)
Shared Realities: Making Long Beach Local

11:00 am

Azeb Madebo (PhD 2022) 
From A Whisper to a Movement: Investigating the Shared Rhetorical Spaces of Whistleblowing and Public Protest (panelist)